Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is refusing to release his birth certificate and passport records, reported RawStory. Trump famously demanded that President Obama release similar documents during the 2012 election.

Trump is a known “birther,” a crazy subset of people who insist that President Obama was not born in the United States, making him not an American citizen. The Guardian attempted to obtain Trump’s information, but a spokesperson with Trump’s camp refused to share it.

Three years ago, Trump led the public charge that demanded Obama to release his birth certificate, saying that Obama is “the least transparent president in the history of this country.”

In 2012, Trump said “we know very little about our president.” Trump wagered that if Obama publicly released his birth certificate, he would donate $5 million to any charity of the president’s choosing. Obama didn’t entertain the challenge.

Trump’s campaign has already gotten off to a rocky start. During his announcement speech last week, Trump said that Mexico isn’t a friend of America because it sends rapists here, that he would build a giant wall along the border, and make Mexico pay for it.

Mexican officials responded shortly after and called Trump “ignorant” and “prejudiced.”

Like all Republicans, Trump is a giant hypocrite. He’s doing the exact same thing that he accused President Obama of doing in 2012. Trump is all theater and not a real politician.