Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola of The Young Turks react to Bill Kristol’s defense of “confederacists.” Kristol recently went on Morning Joe to speak against corporations that stopped selling Confederate affiliated merchandise. Kristol considers the move as, “…catering to political correctness.”

And that’s what’s wrong with Conservatives. When corporations do the “right” thing, Republicans suddenly change course on their views.

In response to Kristol’s statement, “…expunging history in a frenzy of self-righteousness,” Uygur points out, “Whenever we talk about history, you guys all get so nervous.”

Uygur challenges supporters of the Confederacy to “open their eyes.” He lists that they fought for the right to own people as property, to rape them, and to sell them. “You love closing your eyes to that fact, but that’s what they did,” Uygur reveals, “F*ck the Confederacy!”

“Nobody has ever been a more ‘America’ hater than the leaders of the Confederacy, Osama Bin Laden didn’t hate America as much as leaders of the Confederacy did,” Uygur says.

“They’re pandering to the most ignorant, most racist people in this country,” Iadarola says of politicians who are defending the Confederate flag.

Conservatives are operating under their own version of history, one that keeps defending state’s rights but can’t accept that one of those rights was preserving slavery. The people on the right like to ignore the facts. Uygur brings out some disturbing history of the KKK terrorizing Black people and minorities and called it unprecedented, “They literally wanted to terrorize real Americans.” In response to the “confederacists,” Uygur says, “We should have done much worse to the Confederacy.”