After proclaiming her dissent against President Obama’s disastrous trade agenda, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she will back down from opposing Trade Adjustment Assistance, reported the Huffington Post.

Earlier on Wednesday, Pelosi issued a statement of concession to her colleagues in the House.

“I’m disappointed that the TAA bill isn’t nearly as robust as it should be in light of a trade agreement that encompasses 40 percent of the global economy,” wrote Pelosi. “While we may not all vote in the same manner on TAA, I will support its passage because it can open the door to a full debate on TPP.”

Pelosi led a group of anti-trade Democrats against Obama’s efforts to win fast-track authority of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Fast-track authority would allow Obama’s trade agenda to pass through Congress virtually uncontested. Obama’s agenda is supported mostly by Republicans.

The TAA is a key measure to ensuring the TPP’s journey through Congress. It guarantees approximately $700 million to train and support workers who may be put out of work because of the TPP. Democrats believe that amount is hardly enough and don’t agree with it being taken from the country’s Medicare fund.

Anti-TPP Democrats argue that Obama’s trade deal will cost American jobs, give unprecedented power to multinational corporations, and undermine financial regulations.

“My standard for any trade agreement is that it must create good-paying 21st century jobs, increase the paychecks of American workers, and it must do so recognizing the relationship between commerce and climate,” said Pelosi. “We all recognize that the next debate will be over Trans-Pacific Partnership itself and all Members — on both sides of this debate — will shine a bright light on the provisions of TPP.”

Is Pelosi playing a well-calculated game of chess regarding TPP, or is she finding a delicate way to say she gives up? As the conversation continues, only then will the American people who that answer.

It’s not looking good for the American people, however. Obama’s trade agenda, despite a bumpy road, is gaining traction and has a chance of becoming official. Democrats need to wake up and show some backbone.