Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee hosted a Facebook Q&A session on Monday. Given the internet’s nature, Huckabee was bombarded by a volley of troll questions, reported Talking Points Memo.

The questions started off normal enough with people asking about why Obama is killing America, how God can save the government, and if we are in the seven-year tribulation from the Book of Revelation. Things then started to get out of hand.




Despite this gold, Huckabee’s Q&A was mostly a boring political interaction with canned responses and vague solutions to complex questions. Lots of people asked about impeaching Obama, guns, and Jade Helm 15, the conspiracy theory that the military is planning to institute martial law in the country.

Eventually, Huckabee dropped out of the session after (kind of) answering questions for less than an hour. Here’s one really good question that went unanswered by Huckabee.


He mainly pandered to his cheerleaders because that’s always easier than answering the tough questions.

At least Huckabee is a long-shot candidate who has no chance of winning the nomination. During debates, he’ll take the podium and deliver conservative rhetoric that’s two Biblical verses short of a Sunday morning sermon.