Today, the Senate decided to give President Barack Obama a massive by passing Fast Track authority. This will allow the Executive branch to push major trade agreements without amendments or strong rebuttal. Despite strong opposition from activist groups, it appears that President Obama is going to finishing shoving the trade deal down America’s throat.

Many from the Democratic camp have railed against the TPP and Fast Track authority for the president. Unfortunately, Republicans have been on Obama’s side for this trade agreement since day one.

Ted Cruz, who had originally supported the bill, flipped just before voting and pushed Mitch McConnell to have to curry favor with Democrats to pass the bill.

To do that, McConnell and Republicans gave into demands from Democrats that they also pass a bill to assist workers that lose their jobs due to foreign competition that the Fast Track authority and TPP will undoubtedly produce. The Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) is attempt to put a band-aid on the giant wound that will be struck when the TPP passes.