The Charleston shooting is a national tragedy, and like with all national tragedies, the crazies coming pouring out of the woodwork. Crazed conspiracy theorist Alex Jones recently joined the conversation, reported Addicting Info.

“And we just barrel towards the summer, with every historical analyst, financial analyst, cultural analyst saying this summer is going to be explosive, probably going to have a race war,” said Jones. “Matt Drudge said we could see the fall of America. American is being set up for a fall, and out of that the new socialist nightmare.”

According to Jones, George Soros, progressive millionaire, will take advantage of this supposed American race war to create a tyrannical, socialist society. Fellow InfoWars host David Knight said the massacre “could be used as a false flag” and connected it to a 1993 attack on a white church in South Africa.

Anytime there’s a tragedy like this, it’s always some white fundamentalist that’s the aggressor. When is there ever a mass shooting committed by a black person against a group of white people? None come to mind.

Addicting Info noted that these acts are hardly ever concerted efforts controls by an organized group. It’s almost always a person acting alone. The shooter, Dylann Roof, is a self-admitted “lone wolf.”

Alex Jones is a runaway train of insanity. To him, everything is a conspiracy or false flag operation. Watch his nonsense below.