You may not have heard about it yet, but Donald Trump announced that he is running for president. Reports indicate that Trump was excited about it, expressions like ‘diamond crusted,’ ‘huge,’ ‘better-than-the-other-guy,’ and ‘Trumptastic’ were said, we think, maybe. What you definitely need to know is that Trump, despite all of his self-professed amazing personality qualities, had to pay people to be there to hear his big announcement.

That’s right, the walking human joke that is Donald Trump had to pay people to come and listen to his punchline. $50 a head, we hear.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Extra Mile Casting sent out an email last Friday trying to hire actors to be in presence at the event.

We are looking to cast people for the event to wear t-shirts and carry signs and help cheer him in support of his announcement.

We understand this is not a traditional “background job,” but we believe acting comes in all forms and this is inclusive of that school of thought.

Responders and attendees could make $50 for what was explained as less than 3 hours of work.

Extra Mile has subsequently expressed that they have no knowledge of hiring extras to attend Trump’s announcement. Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski denied claims that Trump paid to have individuals in attendance.

“Mr. Trump draws record crowds at almost every venue at which he is a featured speaker,” Lewandowski said. “The crowds are large, often record-setting and enthusiastic, often with standing ovations. Mr Trump’s message is, ‘Make America great again.'”