“There’s gonna come a moment of panic in Washington,” says Cenk Uygur, host and CEO of The Young Turks, of Bernie Sanders’s chances in the 2016 presidential elections. Uygur and John Iadarola discuss Bernie Sanders’s climb in the polls during Tuesday’s segment of The Young Turks. Sanders is giving mainstream democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, a run for her money. “The fact that he’s closing in this quickly, this early, there’s gotta be some panic at Clinton headquarters,” Uygur comments. Bernie has a shot at taking this all the way.

The people are pissed and Bernie is giving them authenticity, “That’s kryptonite to the Clinton people,” Uygur says.

“He says the policy, when someone asks for a follow-up he answers directly,” Iadarola explains. “There’s this populist rage bubbling underneath Washington,” Uygur adds, “…when populist rage explodes perhaps in the form of Bernie Sanders…Washington is going to be shocked.”

Uygur and Iadarola also look at political pundit David Axelrod’s thoughts on Bernie Sanders. “I think people will have a fling with Bernie, Bernie’s like a great fun date because he isn’t going to be around town too long,” says Axelrod.

Uygur offers another solution: campaign finance reform. Money out of politics is a way to get things done, “If Bernie Sanders is on that train, I’m right next to him…when they attack him like this, I want to be right next to him on that train no matter what.”

Watch the full Young Turks segment below.