Despite 97 percent consensus among scientists that climate change is both real and manmade, a political wing of considerable size continues to deny its existence. For Neil deGrasse Tyson, that denial while having power is dangerous. Tyson says that such individuals are a real threat and the coming weather extremes will become the new norm.

When it rains, it’s gonna rain heavier. When it’s not gonna rain, it’s gonna rain less than it ever didn’t rain before. That’s kind of he new normal we’re gonna have to grow accustomed to. And all evidence points to the fact that it is human-caused influence on the ecosystem, on the climactic system.

The host, Larry King, asked Tyson to continue explaining, Tyson said:

What happens is, as the temperature rises, more moisture from the ocean gets lifted into the atmosphere. And generally, when we think of weather, we think of storms and things. When you have a storm, there’s more moisture to feed that storm. There’s more heating to drive the convective cells. And so the storm gets more ferocious.

King asked Tyson, “Those that deny climate change, what do you say to them?”

…I don’t care what you believe. Believe whatever you want. The problem comes about if you are in denial of an emergent scientific truth and you wield power — over legislation.

That’s a recipe for disaster.

Watch the full interview below.