Arizona preacher Steven Anderson, who prayed that God would explode Caitlyn Jenner’s heart, has taken aim at the Nazi Holocaust, reported Addicting Info. He believes that the number of Jews killed during World War II has been overexaggerated.

“There’s a reason why it’s illegal in 14 countries to even question the events of the Holocaust,” said Anderson. “Because, in fact, there are a lot of things about the story that don’t add up.”

By using tricky wordplay and a misinterpretation of simple facts about the casualty counts of Jews murdered, Anderson bolsters his insane point. In fact, he thinks the count of six million Jews is a preordained number rooted in Jewish numerology because “Jews love numbers.”

Anderson references the six-pointed Star of David, the Six Days War, and the six major Nazi death camps to support his claim. Jews have “fixated” themselves on the number six million because it’s a Jewish “magic number” and not based on science or history, he says.

Anderson’s problem is that he focuses solely on those killed at Auschwitz, the most deadly concentration camp in Nazi Germany. He ignored those killed by other camps, death squads, bombings, and other atrocities of war. He’s merely going on an uneducated rant.

According to Anderson, Auschwitz wasn’t even a death camp. He thinks it was only a forced labor camp where people just happened to have died, and any Holocaust survivors who say they witnessed murder and death are liars, he says.

“All it means to be a Holocaust survivor is just that you lived there at the time this was going on,” said Anderson. “A lot of these people are witness to the fact of being rounded up. . . . But are there thousands and thousands of witnesses that will testify to seeing gas chambers and people being cremated? . . . no . . . they’re lying.”