This morning, eccentric rich guy, suspected hairpiece holder and absolute clown Donald Trump announced his official candidacy for president in 2016. A Donald Trump presidency will never happen, but a Donald Trump candidacy will be a sight to behold. Here are a few of the terrible ideas Trump has that I can’t wait to see him be a moron about.

Donald Trump HATES Immigrants, Unless They’re White

Immigration is a sticky subject for Republicans. Donald Trump boils it down to its basic, racist essence. Reforming immigration policy is stupid for Republicans to try and do, because immigrants will just vote for Democrats, according to Trump. Added bonus, Trump thinks that we “better be careful” about letting Mexicans immigrate because they are “taking your jobs.”

In the same breath, however, Trump seems to think that the barrier for immigration for Europeans is too high. Vox reports:

… Trump stirred controversy by advocating for easier paths to immigration for European migrants, whom he described as “tremendous” and “hardworking.”

Trump is For Constant Oil Wars

Donald Trump has tried on multiple occasions to legally block the contruction of wind turbines, citing their “destructive” qualities. Instead, Trump has been an advocate of stealing oil from other countries. That usually doesn’t happen without a conflict of some kind.

He Wants to Repeal Obamacare

Donald Trump is against Obamacare, and thinks it is a “filthy lie” that was sold to the American people. He wants to have the legislation repealed as soon as possible. The problem with that plan: no matter how much Republicans may bemoan the Affordable Care Act, they have no idea what to do instead of it.

Donald Trump Has a Secret Plan to Beat ISIS

Trump plans to “quickly and effectively” defeat ISIS when he is in office, but he is also willing to let people continue to die unless he gets into office.