After having been dealt a setback to his Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) plans, President Barack Obama continues to doggedly pursue the disastrous trade bill. House Democrats refused to adopt a bill that would have, as Huffington Post put it, “cleared the way for passage of a series of controversial trade pacts.”

At the top of the list of Democrats that aren’t buying into Obama’s TPP scheme is Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). During a recent interview with Huffington Post Warren had stiff words for the president’s plan.

“I don’t doubt President Obama’s sincerity when he claims that this trade deal is going to have unprecedented protections for workers, or for the environment,” she said. “The problem is that we have heard nearly identical promises about trade agreements for more than 20 years now — from President Clinton, from President Bush and from President Obama himself.”

“In the real world, experience shows that those trade agreements have failed to curb the worst labor abuses in our partner countries,” she said. “They have failed to meet the environmental goals. And so, it’s the reality. The question is not one of integrity, the question is one of what kind of risks should the American people take. And I don’t think this is one we should take.”

Listen to the interview below.