Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, stated that he will not be going to Hillary Clinton’s campaign kickoff rally this weekend. Instead, he is a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders.

The stiff of the Hillary campaign, according to de Blasio, comes from the lack of a clear vision from Clinton. According to de Blasio, he is “waiting to hear her larger vision to address income inequality.”

At the same time though, de Blasio is very impressed by the Sanders campaign. “I’ve always liked what I heard from Bernie Sanders,” said de Blasio. “I think Bernie is a great senator, is a great voice for a fair society and a fair economy.”

“I have been for years and years, going back to his time as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, I’ve been a fan of his,” de Blasio said. “He’s spoken about the issues of income inequality long, you know, before it was part of the core of the national [conversation]. So, I give him a lot of respect for that and I’ll certainly look forward to talking to him more.”