Jeb Bush has not officially announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential race, but he has been aggressively testing the waters recently. A confirmed war hawk, Bush said that if he was president, he would take an aggressive stance against Russian President Vladimir Putin, reported Talking Points Memo.

“Who can doubt that Russia will do what it pleases if its aggression goes unanswered,” said Bush. “Our alliance, our solidarity and our actions are essential if we want to preserve the fundamental principles of our international order, an order that free nations have sacrificed so much to build.”

Bush is on an international tour this week in an attempt to gain some international recognition, should he run for president next year. He alluded that another Bush in the White House would promise American involvement with eastern European countries that are under Russian threat, especially Ukraine.

He supports placing economic sanctions on Russia and sending weapons and money to Ukraine to fight Russian and pro-Putin separatist forces.

Knowing what we do about Jeb Bush, he’s a war hawk just like his older brother, George W. Jeb has publicly said that he has gotten foreign policy advice from his brother and that even knowing what we know now, he would have still invaded Iraq. That statement didn’t go over so well with Democrats nor Republicans, and Jeb backpedaled in several different directions.

Talking Points Memo reported that Jeb plans to join the Republican presidential race, but that has yet to become official. Those close to Bush echo his concerns on international policy.

“Both the United States and the European Union are confronted by legitimate security concerns,” said Bush adviser Kristen Silverberg.

With a tainted past of being a corporatist and having close ties with Iraq War hawks, Jeb Bush is looking less like “his own man” and more like George W. 2.0. Jeb will be no different than his brother, an utter disaster.