Loyalty, respect, a willingness to put the good of others before themselves. These are just a few of the lessons Republicans could learn from this brave dog.

Audrey Stone’s service dog, a golden retriever named Figo, leaped in front of a school minibus in an attempt to protect her. The schoolbus hit both Figo and her owner Monday morning, Figo suffered loss of most of the flesh on her leg.

Audrey, the dog’s owner, suffered a fractured elbow, three broken ribs, a fractured ankle and a head wound.

According to the local Police Chief John Del Gardo, the dog would not leave her owner after the accident.

“The dog did not want to leave the side of the woman at all … it was the same thing with her, she did not want to leave the dog’s side,” Del Gardo told CBS New York. “She was very, very concerned about the dog. My officers that were there and the fire department assured her everything would be fine.