The McKinney, Texas police made a public announcement that the actions of the hyper-violent pool party cop who manhandled a 15-year-old girl, throwing her to the ground, are “indefensible,” reported Talking Points Memo.

“He came into the call out of control, and as the video shows, was out of control during the incident,” said McKinney Police Chief Greg Conley. “I had 12 officers on the scene, and 11 of them performed according to their training.”

McKinney officers responded to a disturbance at a community after a white woman reportedly hurled racist insults at the pool party guests, which instigated the fight. According to a neighborhood resident, the white woman was calling the guests “black fuckers” and said “that’s why you live in Section 8 homes.”

Officer David Eric Casebolt was one of the dozen officers who responded to the disturbance. While other officers calmly regulated a large, disorganized group of people, Casebolt acted aggressively and escalated an already-tense situation.

After bickering with a mouthy 15-year-old girl, Casebolt pursued, subdued, and held the young woman to the ground while other officers arrived to the scene. Two males appeared to rush Casebolt. Instead of drawing a taser or pepper spray, Casebolt immediately drew his service weapon. The two males dropped back, and Casebolt re-holstered the weapon.

“I do not condone the actions of those individuals who violated the rules of the community, showed disrespect to the security person on scene, and to the officers who responded,” said Conley. “However, we as a department are held to a high standard of action as we do our jobs.”

It’s uncertain whether there will be charges against Casebolt. Charges were dropped, however, against the one teenager who was arrested during the disturbance.

Shortly after the public became aware of the incident, Casebolt voluntarily resigned from the police force without pressure from the department. He was a 10-year veteran of the McKinney Police Department.

McKinney is a predominately white suburb of Dallas, Texas with a median income of $96,000. Only 11 percent of the community is black.