Conservative criminal Dinesh D’Souza recently completed an eight-month stint at a “community confinement center.” During his time, he tried to convert as many people as possible to conservative values and away from Barack Obama.

He appeared on the The Kelly File and host Megyn Kelly asked him about his time in. D’Souza said he bunked with “everything from murderers to burglars to people who had been bringing people across the border.”

“It was a rough crowd, but on the other hand, after an initial period of caution,” he continued. “[I] tried to figure out if there were gangs going on in there.”

D’Souza mainly targeted immigrants for conservative indoctrination. He began teaching English to Hispanic immigrants and said that if they could vote, they would no longer vote for Obama.

“I’m teaching English to Hispanics, about 100 students,” said D’Souza. “I will say that at the end of my wight months, if you took a vote among students between me and Barack Obama, I don’t think Obama would get a single vote.”