Bill O’Reilly is desperately looking for a way to blame the series of events that played out in McKinney, Texas on anyone but the cops. Now, he wants his viewers to believe that the victims of the crazed white officer’s actions in McKinney are to blame for his violence toward a 14-year-old bikini-clad black girl.

We’re not buying it, Bill.

According to O’Reilly, the media is culpable for building an ever-present “war on cops” that now invades every police-public interaction that occurs.

He said:

Racially charged shooting all over the country have received enormous coverage on television with certain liberal cable news programs hammering American police agencies over and over again. Rioting and looting are big stories, and all the carnage is now filtering down to young Americans, influencing how some of them interact with police.

O’Reilly went on:

Anti-police zealots are given wide latitude to spew their hatred and irresponsible ravings. That kind of rhetoric sinks in.