Pro-fracking Stuart Varney recently kicked anti-fracking activist and fracking expert Josh Fox off of his show during a live interview as Josh presented facts that Varney was uncomfortable with confronting.

On Varney & Co. this morning, Gasland director Josh Fox presented the case that the Obama administration is deeply divided on the issue of fracking and produces contradictory information to the public, but seems to side with the pro-fracking lobby.

“You think this administration wants to frack?” said Varney. “That’s news to me.”

The back and forth went on and Josh tried to bring up that Varney had stated off-air that he wouldn’t frack on property he owned.

“Why would you not frack on your own property,” asked Josh Fox, “and then prescribe it for other people in America?”

“Because I’m in the watershed,” answer Varney.

“You are absolutely wrong,” said Josh Fox. “I do believe you are lying right now.”

“Lying?” said Varney. “The interview is over, young man. I am not lying. I did it myself. Thank you. Goodbye. You are out of here, son. You are out of here. Don’t call me a liar. Don’t do that, son. Cut. That’s it. Thank you very much. Will you please leave?”

Watch the segment below.