It was only a matter of time before the GOP’s true feelings towards minorities were made public, and Ann Coulter is always the best mouthpiece for the Party to test out their crazy ideas.

During an interview with Bill O’Reilly last night, Coulter told us exactly what is wrong with today’s Republican Party. It isn’t that they are too beholden to corporations, or that they are too anti-science, or that their anti-tax policies have been proven time and time again to be a disaster. Nope, according to GOP spokeswoman Ann Coulter, the Party’s biggest problem is that they are trying to court non-white voters.

In Coulter’s delusional brain, the solution to the Party’s growing demographics problem is to ignore more than half of the country and focus solely on courting white men to vote Republican.

In the segment (clip below) Coulter made the following claim: “The only way Republicans win is by driving up the white vote. It’s not about appealing to women or Hispanics or blacks — those groups are going to start fighting among one another.”

Ann Coulter is no stranger to saying weird, offensive, and outlandish things on the air, but what the public needs to realize is that she really is a spokeswoman for the Grand Old Party. She says crazy things and if the base buys into them, then that becomes the talking point for the Party. So the next time you hear Coulter saying something so incredibly stupid, remember that the words are not coming from her; they are coming from the entire Republican Party.

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