Freshman Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) has emerged as the Republicans’ biggest war hawk, perhaps more so than Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). A military father recently called out Cotton on his hawkishness, reported Liberals Unite.

During a panel on C-SPAN, anti-war activist Fred Boenig grilled Cotton about how the senator can support such a long-running and costly war.

“I have three more kids currently serving and I would consider you probably the biggest hawk in Washington,” said Boenig, a military father of four, after Cotton asked him about the “Gold-Star Dad” lapel pins. Boenig lost a son in Afghanistan in 2010.

“When I hear that term [hawk] and when I hear you speak, all I hear is somebody knocking at my door again, and I only have one question to ask,” said Boenig. He asked Cotton when the last overseas military fatality was, but Cotton didn’t know. “It was 58 days ago,” said Boenig. “When do I get to get my kids to come home safe again?”

Boenig slightly lamented the exchange between himself and Cotton. He would ask a question and Cotton would respond with some hawkish, faux-patriotic answer.

“He handled it the way I expected him to handle it,” Boenig told Politico. “He’s a hawk. I’m a tree-hugging, peace-loving, gay wedding, you know, whatever. I was a conservative my whole life, but it all changed.”