During the Wisconsin Democratic Party convention this past weekend, Bernie Sanders nearly toppled the presumed Goliath of Hillary Clinton in a poll. The results of the nonbinding straw poll were originally reported on WisPolitics.com as follows:

Hillary Clinton 252
Bernie Sanders 208
Joe Biden 16
Martin O’Malley 16
Jim Webb 8
Lincoln Chafee 5
No vote 1

Elizabeth Warren 4
Tom Vilsack 1

The results of the poll are unquestionably good news for Sanders and his campaign. Undoubtedly, many have assumed that because of her money and prestige, Clinton is the presumed heir to the Democratic ticket in 2016. This poll throws that predetermination into question.

Bernie Sanders continue to draw unprecedentedly large crowds as he has been giving talks across Iowa and New Hampshire. The straw poll makes clear that while Hillary may have the attention of the mainstream, Bernie has the ear of the people in America.