If Scott Walker is still hoping to run for President, he is off to a bad start.

The Republican Wisconsin governor announced his intention to sign a 20-week abortion bill that would prohibit any abortions in Wisconsin beyond 20 weeks, and that had no exceptions for cases of incest and rape.

Walker’s decision to limit a woman’s right to choose isn’t as shocking as his justification for supporting the measure. According to Walker, women typically only feel uneasy about carrying a rape baby for the first few months, anyway, so 20 weeks should be plenty of time.

Take a look:

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Walker’s demeanor in that video shows that he hasn’t really given this issue much thought, and that he honestly does not care about the well-being of women whatsoever. It also proves that the man has a fundamental misunderstanding of how rape affects women, both physically and emotionally, as he’s one step away from actually saying that women secretly enjoy it.

This man is absolutely disgusting.

Also included the bill is language that would allow the father of the baby – even if that father is a rapist or a relative – to sue a doctor for emotional distress for performing an abortion if the father wasn’t supportive of the woman’s decision, no matter what his relationship to the woman is. It could have been a one-night stand, a rape, or anything of that nature, and if the man says the woman shouldn’t have an abortion, then he will legally be allowed to sue the doctor.

This bill in Wisconsin is the biggest slap in the face to American women that we have seen in this country in a very long time. Its disgusting, degrading, and unfair.

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