Rick Perry has announced that he will be adding his name to the laundry list of Republicans who want to run for president in 2016 via his website.

“You see a lot of candidates will say the right things. Whether it’s about the border, whether it’s about taxes, whether it’s about spending, but we need a president who has done the right thing,” Perry said, effectively ruling himself out.

“We need a president who bridges the partisan divide rather than widens,” Perry continued, certainly indicating he was talking about someone other than himself.

According to the Washington Post, Rick Perry will make his official announcement later today.

Rick Perry’s prior bid for the highest office in the nation was more notable for its gaffes and foibles than any sort of serious take on the issues or smart policy that we could expect from the man.

“Anyone who watched that campaign knows it was a very humbling time for me. But that’s not necessarily bad. I judge people on how do you react after a failure,” Rick Perry said in 2014.

Well, it looks like Rick Perry reacts by ignoring the lessons of the past. One “humbling” defeat from the past deserves a second.