Ron Paul, of all people, thinks that Fox News has too much control over the Republican party.

In an interview with Larry King, Ron Paul expressed that he thinks its detrimental to the Republican party for Fox News to have as much control as it does over the Republican field. In fact, candidates are often forced to simply “roll over” for the media monstrosity.

“I mean, it’s sort of like, why do the candidates roll over and abide by the rules of some commercial organization that has an agenda? And Fox certainly has a very powerful agenda …,” Paul said.

Paul also expressed that he felt Fox News dealt his campaign a serious blow.

“I don’t like the debate process, you know. In ’07 when Fox was holding the first one, about two days before it was being held, and I was doing very well in the polls, they just univited me, which was, as far as the campaign goes, it wasn’t very helpful.”

Watch the interview where this former deeply entrenched Republican comes out against Fox News.