A New York City police officer has been accused of stealing a credit card from a dead man and using it to buy a diamond ring, reported NBC New York.

Last July, Ymmacula Pierre, 30, was asked to conduct a wellness check by the deceased’s family. She arrived at the apartment located in Union Square, Manhattan where she found 65-year-old Ken Sanden dead.

Pierre notified the family and then found the Sanden’s credit card information. Two days later, Pierre purchased a $3,200 diamond ring from Zales. An investigation spanning several months led to Pierre’s arrest yesterday.

Pierre is a three-year veteran of the NYPD and was charged with possession of stolen property, identity theft, and official misconduct. She pleaded not guilty.

This is another signal that the NYPD is out of control. The department has developed a notorious reputation for racism and corruption. Officers like Pierre are examples of a much bigger problem.