Most of mainstream media has been treating Bernie as though he were little more than a footnote to the upcoming presidential race in 2016. Well, bad news for those guys, his candidacy is looking more and more real with each day that goes by.

Growing grassroots support for Sanders has boosted his campaign and his mantra of serious debate on the issues over negativity is resonating well with voters.

On Monday, Rachel Maddow pointed out that the mainstream would do well to stop ignoring Sanders, not because he needs the help, but because he will be a force to be reckoned with in days to come.

“The Beltway media has been thinking of Bernie Sanders as an asterisk in this campaign, right? As kind of the Dennis Kucinich character this year,” said Maddow. “But he has not been functioning that way at all.”

“Ever since Bernie Sanders has gotten in, it’s been good news for Bernie Sanders after god news for him after good news for him,” Maddow continued.

All of that good news should have the Clinton campaign sweating. What if that record of good news just doesn’t stop?

“What does it mean if Bernie Sadners Continues to do as well as he has been doing? … What do you think the message of that is for the Hillary Clinton folks?” asked Maddow.