It seemed like an innocuous call from someone off their rocker, in 2014. Today, it looks more like it could have been a warning sign.

During an interview om C-SPAN, former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was confronted by a man who called himself Bruce and wanted to know if Hastert remembered him.

“Hello Denny,” Bruce said. Haster asked how he was doing. “Pretty good. Remember me from Yorkville?” The caller then begins a somewhat maniacal laugh before being cut off by the program.

That call could have been written off as just a creepy call on a national television show – something that probably happens with regularity. Now though, amid allegations from an FBI probe that found Hastert paid some $3.5 million in “hush” money to a former student while he worked as a coach and teacher in Yorkville, the call seems much more ominous.

Watch the clip below.