Following news of the death of Beau Biden, Fox News decided to have a little chat about the man and, incorrigibly, figure out how he will respond.

“I would say to the vice president or anybody in his position, this is something you will struggle with for a very long time,” said Dr. Keith Ablow, who had also at one time accused Biden of suffering from dementia or being a drunk. “The way to try to heal, of course, is to try to say, ‘Let’s look at this person’s accomplishments, look at their children and try to emulate the best of them going forward.'”

Not satisfied, Fox host Peter Johnson pried, “What is the natural reaction Joe Biden will be suffering? Will he become depressed as a result of this?”

“Families in political life, families who have served may be more resilient than others,” said Ablow. “They have a context for their suffering. They want to make contributions. And so, I don’t expect – I mean, it would be a human thing if the vice president were to become depressed. Who might not?”

“However, he is a resilient man,” said Ablow. “He lived through the loss of his wife and another child. And I would expect him to double his involvement with his family, if that’s even possible because we know him to be a very involved family man. But even more so to do that. And to be aware of those – parts of the pattern of Beau Biden that he bumps into. Right? Memories of him, not to run away from those things but to embrace them because this man lived a rich and textured life.”

Strange to hear such understanding words from a man who had previously accused the vice president of being a drunk.

“I did not evaluate Joe Biden but if someone said to me, ‘Listen, we want you to do what’s required to know what happened there,’ you have to put ‘dementia’ on the differential diagnosis,” said Ablow in 2012. “If this were your dad or grandfather, wouldn’t you say, if you brought him to me, ‘Keith, you got to tell me, is he suffering with dementia? Because he can’t seem to listen, he’s laughing inappropriately.”

“Not knowing every fact isn’t required to diagnose dementia and I’m not saying he has it,” Ablow said. “So, you’d want his alcohol level. Why? Because he was that bizarre.”

Watch Ablow’s latest comments below via Rawstory: