A lawsuit has been filed by the parent of one aspiring veterinarian student that claims her current school is hurting her future prospects. According to her father, Kenneth Smith, her education in the science of evolution constitutes an offense worthy of filing suit.

In his complaint, Smith alleges that the teaching of evolution by his daughter’s school constitutes the promotion of a “religious faith” and asks that the court declare the “policy of evolution is unconstitutional.

He finds the basis for his claim in his own research, claiming that his daughter has been taught a “faith base (evolutionary ideology) [sic] that just doesn’t exist and has no math to back it.” He contends that teaching his daughter such supposed fodder hurts her chances of getting a good job or becoming a part of the veterinary field.

This isn’t the first time that Smith has claimed that the government or its agents have overstepped their bounds. According to the Charleston Daily Mail, Smith has filed suit before in 2007 and 2010; both prior suits were dismissed.

Smith is also the author of a self-published book, The True Origin of Man. In it he argues that he has performed work that “represents the truth of mans [sic] origins confirmed by DNA mathematical and scientific facts.”

His lawsuit is currently pending and awaits a response.