Pam Geller isn’t slowing down on her campaign of bigotry across the national media outlets. This time, she is stopping by CNN to spread the hate.

Asking Geller about her recent contest that had people drawing images of Muhammad, CNN host Chris Cuomo said, “The criticism is, what you did, you knew would be very provocative. Your keynote speaker is an outspoken and provocative person who is obviously an Islamophobe. So that was something that you knew that would draw negative attention and then you got negative attention.”

“What you did was calculated in a way that would be provocative,” Cuomo added. “This isn’t about not showing it because we’re afraid, it’s about whether it is right or not. The n-word gets treated the same way that depictions of Muhammad does. We don’t say it because it’s offensive, not because legally I can’t.”

At this point, Geller flies off the handle.

“You are adhering to Islamic law! The Things you say about me are hateful and bigoted. The things the media says, calling the Tea Party racist or offensive. Since when do you care about being offensive. You are adhering to the Sharia!”

Watch Geller lose it in this clip.