“Science Guy” Bill Nye tweeted earlier this week that the flooding in Texas was linked to climate change even though meteorologists had yet to make that point on-air, and — of course — conservatives took to Twitter to attack him, EcoWatch reported.

The responses from the Right would be hilarious if they weren’t so sad.

Conservatives love to say that the extreme weather events aren’t part of a bigger pattern resulting from climate change, but the scientific community knows better.

“For seven locations [in Texas and Oklahoma], May 2015 has seen the most rain of any month ever recorded, with five days to go and the rain still coming,” said a research report by Climate Central. “…[The] unprecedented amounts suggest a possible climate change signal, where a warming atmosphere becomes more saturated with water vapor and capable of previously unimagined downpours.”

Dozens of people in Texas and Oklahoma are dead as a result of the severe flooding, with more still reported missing, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has declared a state of emergency in 70 of the state’s counties. Despite all of this, the Right is going to keep its head buried in the sand when it comes to climate change.