Ku Klux Klan leaders in Laurel, Mississippi want to hold a First Amendment rally this summer to stand against immigration and gay rights, reported Liberals Unite.

Klan leaders say that if the country continues on its current course, then white people will be reduced to picking cotton.

“All of us — black and white — need to wake up or we’ll all be picking cotton for the brown man,” said Brent Waller, Imperial Wizard of the United Dixie White Knights of Mississippi.

According to Deep South Daily, there was a “dishearteningly high number of residents cheering the Klan on.” That could be because they are pushing a cause that most white, Southern conservatives can support: opposing immigration and gay rights. One supporter said this on Facebook:

You people are all blind. Can’t you see they all — black and brown — [are] killing our race and mixing our young ones — making us almost extinct? Honestly, go to Walmart — go anywhere — and you all will see our race is coming to an end. I don’t understand how you can be so two-faced. I know so many people who . . . behind closed doors talk ‘bout what they believe in, but out in the open, of, just hide who they are and just hide away and watch as this world falls apart.

Some Mississippians, like Bill Elliott of Laurel, say that the Klan is “no worse than Obama. Al Sharpton. Eric Holder. Jesse Jackson.”