Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore recently told the Family Research Council’s (the very same that Josh Duggar just resigned from) Tony Perkins that states need to “resist” any potential US Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage, Right Wing Watch reported.

Moore also said that SCOTUS Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan need to be impeached for their support of marriage equality.

“We have justices on the Supreme Court right now who have actually performed same-sex marriages, Ginsburg and Kagan. Congress should do something about this,” he said, adding that Ginsburg should recuse herself from the gay marriage case.

“This is undermining the rule of law in our country and ushers in an age of chaos,” Moore said.

Because nothing screams anarchy and destruction like two people pledging their love and life-long commitment to one another.

Listen to Moore’s ridiculous statements, via Right Wing Watch.