Conservative Christian fundamentalists are no doubt one of the most hypocritical groups in America. The Duggar family, for instance, would have otherwise condemned the behavior of someone who molested several children. But since it’s their son who committed the crimes, it’s all hands on deck for his support, reported Salon.

In the wake of the controversy surround Josh Duggar, the family issued several statements taking up for their son that range from weird to outright insane. Here are just a few of the examples that Salon reported.

On the Duggar family’s Facebook page, they said that since this kind of thing happens “all the time,” that everyone should take it easy on Josh.

“The thing is, there are LOADS of cases of molestation with teens within their own families,” they said. “Probably every single person reading this has at least ONE person in their family that molested another young family member or friend when they themselves were young.”

With that reasoning, one could say that murder, rape, Wall Street crime, or political corruption is okay because they happen so often. But what does one expect from crazy fundamentalists?

Another one of the many ways they’ve protected Josh Duggar is by blaming the media.

“The media can be shameless & so hurtful. My family has experienced the media’s lack of knowledge and truth trying to make something out of a mistake & it was so incredibly hurtful to our family. To feel as though you have truth and you’re fighting a massive giant such as the media can be so frustrating.”

It’s true that mainstream media has a bad habit of blowing things out of proportion, just think about the coverage in Baltimore during the riots and protests. However, the Duggar issue is singular and not as complex as the Freddie Gray incident. But for the Duggars, it’s as simple as asking God for forgiveness.

“All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” said the Duggars. “The great news is HE loves us and forgives us. If HE in his infinite wisdom and grace can forgive us then who are we not to forgive?”

God forgives. So it’s all good, right? To the Duggars it is. Since God forgives all instantly, then the same rules apply here on Earth.

It’s funny how fundamentalist Christians are so quick to condemn gays and other people who don’t fall in line with their belief system. But once one of their own backslides and does something horrible, then the offender gets the easy treatment and all is well. They are such hypocrites.