Fox News’ resident law enforcement “expert,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr., recently testified before the House Judiciary committee about the current problems between law enforcement and the black community.

Instead of discussing the actual forces behind the tension — centuries of racism, generational poverty, police officers not held accountable for their actions, etc., Clarke told Sean Hannity that the real problem was, of course, liberalism.

“The real [problem] in the American ghetto — and it’s not the American police officer, it’s modern liberalism that has been a wrecking ball on the black community and the black family structure,” said Clarke.

“Modern liberalism creates black underachievement, it finds excuses for subhuman behavior, and it blames other people for some flawed lifestyle choices … made on behalf of many young black males, unfortunately.”

Clarke also said the black subculture “denigrates the work, the blood, the sweat and tears of people who had to live through slavery and live through Jim Crow.”

Watch Sheriff Clarke’s ridiculous statements from Hannity.