Fox News co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy said on Outnumbered that multiculturalism makes it easier for American teenagers to join ISIS, reported Talking Points Memo.

Fox Business reporter Charlie Gasparino responded.

“I just wonder whether this is as big of a deal as we’re making it out to be,” he said. “Listen, kids have done stupid things for years.”

American teenagers, though there have only been a few, joining ISIS is a big deal. However, to say that understanding cultures outside of one’s own is absolutely moronic. Gasparino then asked Campos-Duffy whether her kids were vulnerable. She became unhinged.

“I think there’s a real threat and I think we have to think about how, what would inspire, what’s happening in the culture that would actually make this seem attractive,” she said. “Believe me, these kids from elementary to secondary to college, they’re buying into this multicultural, we’re imperialists, we’re the bad guys, and so we have created a system that doesn’t reinforce and make people feel they belong to this country.”

Gasparino did correctly say “you can’t blame multiculturalism,” that it was a “criminal problem.”

Completely ignoring what Gasparino said, Campos-Duffy blankly responded that “it’s multicultural problem.”

This segment just proves the xenophobic tendencies of Fox News. According to them, if it isn’t American then it’s automatically evil and should be destroyed.

The video was originally provided by Media Matters.