Robert Doggart is a homegrown, Christian terrorist and he pleaded guilty to charges that he was planning an attack on a Muslim-American community in New York State.

Doggart is a failed politician. He tried to run for Congress in 2014 as an independent and failed to win over voters with his far-right, conservative views.

Doggart is also a Christian. According to Heavy:

He is also an ordained Christian minister in the Christian National Church (Congregational) and says he received two Presidential Awards for Pro-bono Lifetime Public Service “from Mr. Bush.”

Make no mistake, Doggart is a dangerous man, which makes the lackluster attention the authorities have given to his arrest startling.

According to The Daily Beast:

No, Doggart can’t be dismissed as simply a loon; he’s a lethal threat.

Watch the local news report on Doggart’s arrest below.