Documents disclosed yesterday via The Daily Kos show that officers charged Tamir Rice with “aggravated menacing” and “inducing panic.”

Tamir Rice was gunned down by 26-year-old Officer Timothy Loehmann. Loehmann fired on Rice within two seconds of exiting his vehicle as Tamir played in the park.

Tamir was carrying a toy airsoft gun. Emergency dispatchers had been told by the person that reported the incident that the gun was suspected to be a toy. Despite that, the officers expressed that they believed Rice was armed and that they responded accordingly.

After shooting Tamir in the park, neither Loehmann nor his partner, 46-year-old Officer Frank Garmback, administered first aid.

Tamir later died of his wounds and the death was ruled a homicide.

Loehmann, the gunman, had been found unfit for duty in his prior outfit in Independence, Ohio. The Cleveland office never reviewed his file.

No files have been filed against the officers involved in Tamir Rice’s death.