The first few minutes you spend looking at the Daily Caller, you may have the impression that it is maybe a high school or college spoof rag, but here’s the kicker … it’s not.

It is an extension of the freakish right-wing space between the ears of none other than Tucker Carlson, the college Republican all grown up to something part man-child and part 1939 Berlin throwback.  Carlson moved into the internet political news space with the encouragement and support of a handful of moon bat right-wingers who believed that Carlson had enough gravitas and experience to attract real writers and real beltway inside information.  That plan never worked.  Instead, the site is better defined by the collection of almost endless OMG! caliber screw ups that have typically followed Carlson throughout his shaky involvement in the world of “journalism.”  It is for example, the same Daily Caller that said they would hand out a 9 mm pistol with the Bill of Rights inscribed on the slide every day until Election Day.

It was also the same Daily Caller that hyped a completely bogus, manufactured story about Cubans, prostitutes and their relationship to Senator Bob Menendez.  Carlson has created a home for a caliber of mangy stray cat contributors who find it virtually impossible to plant their stories with any other outlets except perhaps Alex Jones and Carlson’s Daily Caller.

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