Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) hates the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and President Obama has been dismissing the senator’s criticisms as dishonest lies and misinformation. In response, Warren has compiled a report that illustrates how presidents have failed to enforce trade agreements for decades, reported The Huffington Post.

“We have two decades of experience with free trade agreements under both Democratic and Republican presidents,” read Warren’s report. “Supporters of these agreement have always promised that they contain tough standards to protect workers. The rhetoric has not matched the reality.”

Because the TPP is largely confidential, the general, less internet-savvy public has not seen any of the provisions of the TPP. All they have to go on is Obama’s and the Republicans’ word that the TPP is a good deal for businesses and American workers. However, Sen. Warren is privy to the details of the TPP and says that it’s harmful and benefits only corporations.

According to Warren’s report, child labor and union dissolution has continued even during Obama’s administration with little “pushback.”

The United States has trade agreements with 20 countries, 11 of which rely on child labor and human rights abuses like forced labor. The HuffPo reported that Obama “finalized a labor action plan with the government of Colombia in 2011.” Since then, 105 union activists have been murdered even though Obama said the deal was a “win-win for workers.”

Obama sells the TPP as a “progressive” trade deal, but the report highlights how it’s anything but “progressive.” The trade deal will perpetuate income inequality, put corporate rights over human rights, and undermine governments’ ability to defend themselves against corporations.

Known as “NAFTA on steroids,” the TPP is a trojan horse for multi-national corporations because it gives them unprecedented power to circumvent the governmental powers of several nations to protect profits.

Last week, Senate Democrats stood against Republicans and Obama by blocking a fast track path for the TPP’s approval. Now, it seems that many Democrats are reconsidering that stance (Democrats these days are such cowards).

It seems that Warren and Bernie Sanders are the only Democratic senators who are sensible enough to stand against this dirty trade deal. It will not be some sort of different trade deal, but more of the same.