Iowa landowner Hughie Tweedy has accused representatives of Energy Transfer Partners of bribing him with teenaged prostitutes. Tweedy said the corporation is trying to bribe him to let the company lay the proposed Bakken Pipeline across his land. Tweedy says he has recordings of the conservations.

“On these recordings you will hear evidence of my senior pipeline representative offering me not once, not twice, but three times the sexual services of a woman,” said Tweedy. “The last time being a $1,200 teenage prostitute.”

Tweedy had the perfect public response to the disgusting company.

“If an old junkyard dog like me was offered the sexual services of little girls to get my hackles down, I wonder what was offered to the powerbrokers of this state to gain their support for silence,” he said. “Shame, shame, shame.”

Bravo, Mr. Tweedy. Bravo.