Vermont State Senator Norman McAllister (R) was recently arrested after allegations surfaced that he pressured women for sex in exchange for rent, The Burlington Free Press reported.

From The Press:

Prosecutors allege Sen. Norman H. McAllister, R-Franklin, over a period of several years sexually assaulted two women who were his tenants and employees, and that he attempted to solicit a third woman. That woman called police this week, launching a fast-moving investigation that by Friday was reverberating throughout the state capital of Montpelier.

According to court papers, McAllister tried to trade sex for rent with two women, both of whom said no. He also told one of those women that she could lower her rent payment and make money for them both if she would agree to have sex with Mexican farm workers.

A third victim also accuses McAllister of repeatedly sexually assaulting her since 2013.

If convicted, he could face a sentence of up to life in prison.

McAllister is currently serving his second term in the state Senate, and he previously served in the state House of Representatives. So far, he has not made any indication that he will step down from office during the legal proceedings.

“He doesn’t feel he’s guilty,” said Vermont Lt. Gov. Phil Scott.

McAllister was, however, removed from his positions on both the Institutions and Agriculture Committees.

“He’s been taken off the committees,” said Scott. “He has no standing. It’s the only power we have over the situation here at the Statehouse… We have not taken away his ability to serve as a senator, but he has no committee status here.”

Scott also drafted a letter to McAllister, asking him to reconsider not giving up his seat.

“I must say I am extremely disappointed, as I do not believe your continued service is in the best interest of your constituents, the legislature, not the Senate as an institution,” he wrote. “I truly hope you will reconsider.”

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