She won’t be winning any Mother of The Year Awards, that’s for sure. Hayley Dawn Hampton was arrested for neglecting her child and leaving it in the car on Mother’s day while she drank at a local bar with friends.

According to reports, Hampton left her 4-year-old child in  the backseat of her car, a gray Nissan Xterra to have drinks with friends at a sports bar in Oklahoma city.

Hampton claimed that she had only gone to the bar to pick up her boyfriend but was convinced to stay and drink to celebrate Mother’s Day. She also claimed that she thought her boyfriend was watching the child as he had offered to stay outside and watch the child. According to Hampton, she simply failed to notice that her boyfriend had come back inside only moments after exiting the building.

Hampton was arrested and booked at the Oklahoma County Jail. She was later released to a family member. Her boyfriend was not arrested according to local news station,

The child was taken into custody be the Department of Human Services, then placed into the custody of one of Hampton’s family members.