University of Central Florida student Josh Green is enjoying a bit of fame following news that he fought off a shark that was attacking him last week. According to reports, Green was swimming when a shark latched onto his leg and Green instantly reacted by punching the shark in the face.

“I didn’t realize it was a shark until I punched it, thinking it was sumone messing with me and then felt the face,” Green said to his school’s paper, Knight news.

“I was riding with the waves and body surfing when out of nowhere I feel something grab my leg and yank.”

“When I hit it, my foot was sort of released and I just swam to shore as fast as possibly. I limped out over to my friends and they brought me up to the lifeguard,” he said.

Green received 18 stitches in his calf, ankle and foot to repair the damage done by the shark. The lifeguard at the scene told him that it was most likely a black tip shark, based on the size of the injury and the location they were in.