Florida is one of the states severely threatened by rising sea levels, a symptom of climate change. Despite the pleas of scientists and engineers, Florida Gov. Rick Scott refuses to do anything to address rising sea levels in Florida, reported The Boston Globe.

Residents of St. Augustine are really feeling the hurt because their city floods about 10 times a year, and the problem is getting worse.

“If you want to benefit from the fact we’ve been here for 450 years, you have the responsibility to look forward to the next 450,” said Bill Hamilton, long-time resident of St. Augustine. “Is St. Augustine even going to he here? We owe it to the people coming here after us to leave the city in good shape.”

Cities all along Florida’s Atlantic coast have experienced chronic flooding that has only increased within the last several years. Roads flood and drinking water wells became contaminated because of the constant flooding. These occurrences put Gov. Scott in a prime position to act and help Floridians.

Yet, Rick Scott does nothing.

Thousands of documents uncovered Scott’s total unwillingness to act as rising sea levels brought on by climate change continue to damage the Florida coast.

Scott has even downsized Florida’s environmental agencies, making it nearly impossible for such groups to create any plans to help the Florida coast.

If the problem persists, south Florida stands to suffer $33 billion in flood damage by the year 2030. Some Florida cities lack the resources to address the problem on their own and must get help from the state. Considering that Scott is the Florida head of state, no help will be given.

The governor has already ignored the advice of several climate experts from Florida’s universities and he remains silent on whether or not he actually has a plan. Scott says cities and towns should ask the environmental groups for help.

“There’s no guidance . . . Everything I’ve found to help, I’ve gotten by searching the Internet,” said St. Augustine’s civil engineer, Reuben Franklin.

With Gov. Scott being stagnant and ineffectual, where are Florida communities supposed to go for help? Because of Scott, the state of Florida is way behind where it needs to be in protecting itself from the effects of climate change.