Fox News sucks. Showing their racist underbelly, Fox News recently criticized First Lady Michelle Obama’s commencement address at Tuskegee University.

First, when Michelle Obama talks about her and Barack’s personal experiences with racism in America, they question her intelligence claiming that she got into college as a result of affirmative action. Then they talked about how having Michelle Obama was a wasted opportunity to share with the graduates that they can achieve something great too. Both points are dead wrong, as Wilmore points out.

And here comes Ann Coulter, the queen of Right Wing hate and buffoon of the conservative cause. Ann Coulter was supposedly brought on to offer “the black perspective” on the situation of “Race in America.” Coulter’s offensive points include such highlights as:

  1. Michelle Obama can’t read;
  2. Democrats are the only racists in America;
  3. America has done a good job of making up for slavery.