Republican Texas State Senator Charles Perry has been accused of stalking and hiring men to stalk an exotic dancer, reported Salon.

Cynthia Lynn Ortiz filed a written request for a protective order against Perry and anyone else associated with him in Creek County, Oklahoma where she resides. Salon reported that Oriz met Perry at a Republican political event in Lubbock, Texas in 2009. Ortiz moved around; first from Lubbock to Denton, TX, and then to Oklahoma.

Ortiz says the constant harassment from Perry prompted the relocations.

Ortiz also insists that Perry hired a group of men to follow her around and report her activities back to him.

“I could not go outside without one coming to watch especially if I was on the phone,” said Ortiz’s statement. “A man in a brown truck would follow me everywhere I went.”

Ortiz claims that her computer was hacked, her car was damaged, and that Perry had her home bugged with surveillance gear. Naturally, Perry’s office denies any harassment made directly by Perry or any ordered by Perry. Because of Ortiz’s profession, character assassination was easy for Perry.

“She simply needs real help and treatment,” said a Perry spokesperson.

Perry can’t prove that he didn’t harass and stalk this woman so his office minimized the situation by simply dismissing Ortiz as mentally ill. What’s sad is that Perry will surely get the benefit of the doubt here. Despite claiming patriotism and Christian values, Texas politicians are pretty morally bankrupt. This includes small town law enforcement also.

Ortiz said she went to Texas law authorities in Lubbock and Denton. However, they wouldn’t offer any help. The Lubbock district attorney and Perry are allegedly friends.

The protective order hasn’t been served against Perry yet. It’s likely that it won’t get served. Rural Texas politicians still operate on the nepotistic good-ol’-boy system. Everyone knows everyone, and those in power are protected. This will probably get swept under the rug.