Ever since Chuck Norris wrote his WND editorial about how the federal government was organizing a martial law takeover, it seems that every Texas conservative is pushing that idea, reported Talking Points Memo.

Now, it seems that every notable, political Texan is driving the idea that the military training exercise called “Jade Helm 15” is actually a planned takeover of the state. What’s more fascinating is that every single one of these politicians and talking heads are Texans.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) was among the first Texas figureheads to bring Jade Helm 15 to national attention when he ordered the State Guard to surveill the training exercise. Abbott feeds into the paranoid Texas mindset. He the order will ensure that “Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights, and civil liberties will not be infringed.”

Talking Points Memo noted that a former lawmaker said Abbott was “pandering to idiots.”

Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) praised Abbott for acting on his paranoia.

“I think this is very good that the governor has done this,” said Paul. “I’m not at the point where I think this is the first step and six months from now you’re going to have martial law all around the country and I sure hope I’m right on that.”

Certainly Paul isn’t as crazy as your average Texas Republican, but he’s still shares some of the same criteria.

It’s shouldn’t be a surprise that presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is playing into the ludicrous conspiracy theory that the government is about to take over everything. Cruz contacted the Pentagon, which said there is no secret operation. However, Cruz still remains convinced that there’s some secret operation is happening.

“I think part of the reason is, we have seen for six years a federal government disrespecting the liberty of the citizens and that produces fear,” said Cruz. “When you see a federal government that is attacking our free speech rights, our religious liberty rights, our Second Amendment rights. That produces distrust as to government.”

Cruz killed two birds with one stone by alluding to the fact that all of this is President Obama’s fault while bringing gun rights and religious liberties into the mix.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who is from Dallas, Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX), and former Gov. Rick Perry have all also jumped in and stirred the conspiracy pot.

This is the ultimate example of Republican fear-mongering. Their narrative says there are enemies abroad, and now they are saying there are enemies at home, too. In their minds, no one is safe. Everyone, including the government, is out to get you.