Carly Fiorina announced her presidential candidacy, finally. Looks like she’s off to a rocky start, though.

Anyone that went to the logical web address for her campaign will find themselves greeted by a rather embarrassing fact of Fiorina’s past. During her tenure at Hewlett-Packard, she terminated 30,000 employees.

Anyone going to will learn that fact, since her campaign failed to register the domain address. Instead, the domain is held by someone wanting to expose her for the shill she is.

While at Hewlett-Packard, she nearly destroyed the company. Fiorina is known for losing the company billions of dollars and dismantling its most popular products, thinking the company needed to focus on low-end products that, it turned out, no one actually was that interested in.

Now she wants the Republican nomination for the most powerful position in the world. It’s a position that, if her current campaign management is any indicator, she is wholly unqualified for.

Visit and remember the tens of thousands of employees whose lives she forever changed and the company she left struggling to find its way again.